Dime Handicapper was founded in 2008 by a seasoned veteran in the sports gambling arena. Since 2008, Dime Handicapper has grown into one of the most well respected and most organized top handicappers in the world. We have the inside information to consistently provide our subscribers with win after win after win.

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Other handicappers tout money management systems, winning percentages, hot streaks, trends, point spread systems, etc. We do not do any of that nonsense. We don’t care about the other cappers. Some are decent, some are bad, most are lucky to hit about 50% of their plays over time. We care about our clients and most importantly our own pockets. We don’t have a “lock of the day”, “play of the month”, “conference game of the year” or any other phony sports handicapping scheme. We encourage you to try other cappers so you can see for yourself why we are the absolute best. We have a few plays a day that have a REAL possibility of winning based on REAL research. These picks WIN. When you wager on our picks and are a member of our sports service, you will learn why we are considered the best.

Our reputation is one of integrity, honesty and long term consistent winning results. Our top sports picks and handicapper performances are documented and monitored by a tough group of watchdogs, otherwise known as our clients. We are unique in the fact that we post our sports picks. Unlike others, our entire year to date record is visible. This ensures customers, without a shadow of a doubt, that they're getting the same sports picks as everyone else.

We provide the best sports picks to our clients every day on a variety of different sports. If you just occasionally bet on a game, then DimeHandicapper.com may not be for you. Our subscriber base bets consistently and we produce consistent returns. Our sports picks have produced an average of 68+ percent since inception.

Sports’ betting is a multi billion dollar industry. It is EXTREMELY lucrative for the sports books, linemakers, wiseguys, and the few that can decipher the angles for their betting advantage. There is NOTHING like producing consistent cash month after month with our professional handicapping advice. Think about the power of actually being in that small group of individuals who make money sports betting.

Dime Handicapper is committed to providing a high quality experience for our clients that is perceived by them to be an outstanding value exceeding their expectations. We provide the friendliest, timeliest, most courteous and professional sports service possible, serving sports bettors as we would want to be served. You can rest assured we will strive to do everything possible to merit your respect, trust and confidence without ever misleading you about the possibilities that exist in this industry.

To get the most out of our service we suggest that you have the discipline to only play the games we recommend. Often times the best bet is not making one at all, we have the ability to make that call. We do this to make CASH and expect you to follow our lead all the way to the bank!





LAST 20 PICKS -3900

26-Sep W Royals $4,350
26-Sep L Rangers -$3,000
26-Sep L Cardinals -$2,000
25-Sep W Giants $2,000
25-Sep W Brewers $1,050
25-Sep W Astro's $2,000
24-Sep W Steelers $2,000
24-Sep L Marlins -$3,000
24-Sep L Orioles -$3,000
24-Sep L White Sox's -$3,000
23-Sep W Saints $2,000
23-Sep L Packers -$2,200
23-Sep L Patriots -$2,200
23-Sep W Rams $2,000
23-Sep L Padres -$3,000
23-Sep W Orioles $5,000
23-Sep L Giants -$1,000
22-Sep W Michigan St $2,100
22-Sep L TCU -$2,000
22-Sep L Oklahoma -$2,000

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