"Keep hammerin' the bookies. Thnx."

-Joe M.


"Yo man, just wanted to say thanks for the picks...I know you said parlays are not a good thing, but I liked your picks so much I made a 3gm parlay and played them the way you advised....Thanks."



"Way to back up your words with winners...your are becoming very popular these days....But I guess hitting 11 out of 13 winners in the last 6 days will definitely do that...Thanks for the winners....and keep on keeping on."



"Damn man if you keep this up Im going to have to send u something ..Thanks again."



"Thank you for another perfect night dime.."



"Thats 8 in a row. Big smile cause I've cashed every one of em big."

-Fired Up


"You're godlike right now.....I'm tailing you blindly."






LAST 20 PICKS -3900

26-Sep W Royals $4,350
26-Sep L Rangers -$3,000
26-Sep L Cardinals -$2,000
25-Sep W Giants $2,000
25-Sep W Brewers $1,050
25-Sep W Astro's $2,000
24-Sep W Steelers $2,000
24-Sep L Marlins -$3,000
24-Sep L Orioles -$3,000
24-Sep L White Sox's -$3,000
23-Sep W Saints $2,000
23-Sep L Packers -$2,200
23-Sep L Patriots -$2,200
23-Sep W Rams $2,000
23-Sep L Padres -$3,000
23-Sep W Orioles $5,000
23-Sep L Giants -$1,000
22-Sep W Michigan St $2,100
22-Sep L TCU -$2,000
22-Sep L Oklahoma -$2,000

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