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LAST 20 PICKS -3900

26-Sep W Royals $4,350
26-Sep L Rangers -$3,000
26-Sep L Cardinals -$2,000
25-Sep W Giants $2,000
25-Sep W Brewers $1,050
25-Sep W Astro's $2,000
24-Sep W Steelers $2,000
24-Sep L Marlins -$3,000
24-Sep L Orioles -$3,000
24-Sep L White Sox's -$3,000
23-Sep W Saints $2,000
23-Sep L Packers -$2,200
23-Sep L Patriots -$2,200
23-Sep W Rams $2,000
23-Sep L Padres -$3,000
23-Sep W Orioles $5,000
23-Sep L Giants -$1,000
22-Sep W Michigan St $2,100
22-Sep L TCU -$2,000
22-Sep L Oklahoma -$2,000

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